We have curated a list of national and regional support programs and foundations throughout Canada to help mitochondrial disease patients and caregivers source information and services.

Below you will find a resources listing for Alberta.

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Financial Support

InnoviCares – The innoviCares card is a free prescription savings card available to all Canadian residents, and is funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Alberta Health Benefit

AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped)

ACHB (Alberta Child Health Benefit Program)

CYS (Child and Youth Support Program)

Alberta Adult Health Benefit Program

ACB (Alberta Child Benefit) for lower-income families with children

Child Support Services

Income Support

AFETC (Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit) for working families with children

Affordable Housing Program (Special Needs Housing)

Alberta Specialized Support Services access in communities

Emotional Support

Spiritual Care (Multiple Locations found under service locations)

Physical Support

Home Care Services Information

Catholic Social Services – Family Supports for Children with Disabilities

Parking Placards for People with Disabilities – Services and Information

Social Support

Social Work (Assessment and Support for Patients) Multiple Locations (under service locations)

Alberta Council of Disability Services

Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary

FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities)

FSCD – Appeal a Decision

Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Office (point of contact between the community and government)

Community Access for People in Continuing Care (helps adults in facility-based continuing care to engage with communities)

DRES (Disability Related Employment Supports) helps those with disabilities succeed in school and employment

Internship for Persons with Disabilities

PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities) Program – helps provide planning and services to help adults with disabilities meet personal needs and goals

PDD– Appeals

PDD– Program Review

Informational Support

MyHealth Alberta (tool to find health information and services)

811 Health Link (tool to find health information and services)

Alberta Supports – provides information on available social supports