MitoCanada is Canada’s only registered health foundation dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals, families and caregivers with mitochondrial disease.

MitoCanada is committed to providing knowledge, education and support to improve quality of life and is invested in advancing research that will help discover a cure for mitochondrial disease. We are facilitating a future where Canadians impacted by this debilitating disease feel inspired, empowered and supported to live their best lives.

We dedicate ourselves to pursuing our mission by practicing and promoting the following set of ethical values, which reflect a shared view of how we want to operate and be seen by others. These include:

•respect, trust, honesty, balanced, sustainable and ethical behaviour
•mission-focused and committed to our cause
•collaborative, evaluative and effective, openly communicative

Every day, we support those living with mitochondrial disease with information, initiatives and opportunities to inspire, empower and connect while enhancing quality of life. We develop education and awareness programs. We advocate for those living with, or at risk of developing, mitochondrial disease. And, we fund research that is patient-focused and transformational.

We are proud of the work we’ve done but know there is still so much more that needs to be done.

MitoCanada promises to continue to work toward its vision with courage, innovative thinking, and uncompromising commitment as we embrace our responsibility to:

  • increase awareness of mitochondrial disease with the public, health care providers, government, insurance providers and employers
  • ensure access to diagnostic tests that facilitate early and accurate diagnosis to minimize life-long, irreversible impairments
  • introduce effective treatments that offer hope and protect quality of life
  • develop comprehensive clinical care models
  • establish a Canadian data registry that includes data collection of disease-specific symptoms, diagnostic journeys, experiences, therapies, and outcomes
  • target research to enhance our basic understanding of mitochondrial health and disease so we can identify, protect and support the MitoCommunity as early as possible and for as long as they need us