Third-party fundraisers are a great way to support MitoCanada and the MitoCommunity!

What is a third-party fundraiser?

A third-party fundraiser is an event or activity planned, organized and implemented by an individual, community group or company that does not work for MitoCanada but wishes to support our activities. Acting independently and with MitoCanada’s approval, third-party fundraisers are an essential way to raise funds to help us carry out our work and achieve our vision of creating a world where all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria.

If you are interested in hosting a third-party fundraiser for MitoCanada, please complete and submit the “Start a Fundraiser” form using the button below, and a MitoCanada fundraising representative will contact you.

“My family and I began hosting our third-party fundraiser, called Frankie G Pub Night, in January 2014. My son, Frankie, passed away on May 14, 2013. Our family and friends (including Frankie’s dad and I) had never heard of mitochondrial disease so we thought hosting an event would be a great way to get everyone together in Fankie’s memory and raise awareness for mitochondrial disease.”   Celia McGrath

Steps for Planning Your Own Fundraiser

Ways to Fundraise