To understand mitochondrial disease, it’s important to understand the important role the mitochondria play in providing the cells and organs in our bodies with the energy needed to function.

Healthy mitochondria are essential to living a healthy life. When mitochondria fail, cells can no longer function properly which can cause organs to shut down. This is called mitochondrial disease and this video will explain the methods used to provide a diagnosis.

Exercise is good for almost everyone, especially mito patients. It can improve strength, endurance and quality of life. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky explains how different exercises benefit those with mito, how to manage exercise after setbacks and illness, and important exercise do’s and don’ts our community should keep in mind.

OXPHOS is a biochemical process which supplies our bodies with the energy needed to function, survive and thrive!

Paediatric Research Studies are where kids volunteer to help scientist learn about an illness or a disease so they can help other children who are sick in the future, sound interesting?