The WHY?

My name is Jon Paradowski and I’m a regular guy from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada that has a dream, the “Faces of Mito”.

I have a family member with a secondary mitochondrial disease and we’ve been supported by this wonderful organization and charity, MitoCanada.

My dream is to celebrate MitoCanada’s 10th Year Anniversary by running across Canada virtually and to show the many “Faces of Mito”.

Our stories – meet the Faces of Mito




Raise Awareness and spread discussion about mitochondrial disease. To give people hope that we can achieve so much by working together and by inspiring one another.


To run across Canada and to show that a dream can inspire hope in others. To spread passion, love, happiness, cooperation, and belief in one another. To show that with support, MitoCanada is the little engine that could.  


In times like these of uncertainty, restrictions, and limitations, I want to inspire others to look within at the good in this world and to focus on “HOPE”.

I believe that “WE” can make a difference.

Is this audacious, YES.

Is this going to be hard, YES.

Is this achievable, YES.

Is this worthwhile, YES.

This is about the many “Faces of Mito” and spreading passion, love, happiness, cooperation, and belief in one another.

I’m ready to embrace this challenge and pour my heart into this goal.

I’m going to run because I can and for those who can’t.

I will be a voice through action.



5,550 km
as at February 13, 2021

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