Meet MitoCanada’s 2023 MitoScholars 

MitoCanada’s 2023 MitoScholars and MitoScholars+ Awards generated an incredible amount of interest from the student community, with a record-breaking number of applications submitted. We are thrilled to have garnered such interest and are grateful to all the applicants for having them share their mito journey and devote their time to completing the application.

This year, MitoCanada awarded six applicants a $5,000 scholarship,  a valuable investment to ensure each recipient is able to pursue their academic dream.

We are proud to introduce you to the recipients of the 2023 MitoScholars and MitoScholarsawards. Each is an inspiration and exemplifies a level of dedication and resilience that makes them mito role models for our future MitoScholars.

MitoCanada is grateful to have received funding from the following sponsor and community of MitoCanada supporters, which helped make our 2023 MitoScholars/+ program possible: