Kate Murray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President

Kate believes that our stories and experiences have the power to bring about great change. She also believes when we bring our collective voices together, we have the power to break down barriers, improve health outcomes and find solutions that affect real change.

Kate Murray is no stranger to MitoCanada. As past Director of Program Development and interim CEO, Kate is passionately motivated and inspired by the strength of the mito community and driven to build capacity to impact the lives of those living with mitochondrial diseases.

After her child was diagnosed at the tender age of 6 with a complex chronic illness, Kate made the move from for-profit to non-profit, using her experiences as a caregiver, business executive and philanthropist to support and engage communities and help improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Kate has extensive not-for-profit experience working for small charities and Foundations and is the founder of the children’s charity Robbie’s Rainbow. Kate is the co-founder of Dynamic Focus, former Vice President of the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and Director of Research and Patient Programs.

Kate sits on multiple patient engagement steering committees, is a patient-partner for the NEOPICS Cohort Study, as well as a member of the Family Advisory Network (FAN) at The Hospital for Sick Children. Kate is also a founding member of the Roche Co-Creation Council.

In her downtime, you’ll find Kate in her element either strolling the beach, running the trails or kayaking the open waters, she loves to be outdoors. Kate’s also a devoted mom. Ask her about her children and she will beam with pride and share that being a mom has brought her the greatest joy and with a house full of teenagers, there’s never a dull moment.

If you would like to reach out to Kate, you can contact her at: Kate.Murray@MitoCanada.org

MitoCanada - Staff - Catherine Mulvale

Catherine Mulvale, Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Catherine is a confident, articulate and experienced innovator with extensive marketing, communications, public relations and fundraising expertise. She is respected for her ability to develop innovative programs which attract funding, provide meaningful benefits to recipients and supporters, and improve quality of life. Catherine brings about remarkable outcomes by creating collaborations with passion and purpose. She is driven by her belief that the words people speak and the action they take, can and do change the world.

After being given a 10% chance of surviving a rare, life-threatening illness in 1996, Catherine began investing her efforts and experience as a patient, educator, philanthropist and entrepreneur to help others. She has supported the advancement of small businesses, national corporations and global charitable foundations; developed countless educational programs across multiple mediums for the public, businesses and health care professionals; academic institutions, founded and transformed several national charitable organizations; and, raised over $27 million.

Catherine is the founder of Dynamite Design, Strategies for Life, and the Global Friends Foundation; has been executive director for the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases; is the recipient of the YMCA Peace Medal Award and Leading Women Community Award; and, along with her husband, Tom, is the proud parent of two joyful, socially-conscious 20-something humans.

MitoCanada - Staff - Nella Perri

Nella Perri, Finance Manager

Nella began her career at Export Development Corporation in Ottawa. She later relocated to Toronto where she joined Baxter Canada as a Marketing Analyst holding various positions over a 15-year period.

As a mother of two, she volunteered in their various activities. She joined the board of a local not for profit offering recreational and competitive programs for children where she held numerous positions including Treasurer for over ten years.

Nella joined MitoCanada in 2017 and continues to support various local charities.

MitoCanada - Staff - Emily Ing

Emily Ing, Events and Community Awareness Coordinator

Emily holds a B.A. in Honours History from McMaster University. She will be continuing her education in the Fall 2022 at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information to earn a combined Master of Information and Master of Museum Studies Degrees. Emily has incredible energy, learns quickly, is a champion multi-tasker, and an incredible asset to the MitoCanada team. She calls on her diverse experiences to help the foundation out anywhere she is needed. Her forte is helping MitoCanada plan, promote and execute special events, activities and fundraisers. Emily is excited to continue to work with MitoCanada to spread awareness and the importance of mitochondrial health to every Canadian.

MitoCanada - Staff - Tania Amardeil

Tania Amardeil, Social Media Coordinator

Tania is the driving force behind all of our social media activities. An English Language & Literature graduate with a background in marketing and a degree in holistic nutrition, she has a love of storytelling, health and wellness, and connecting people.