GET OFF THE ROAD and onto the trails. 5 Peaks events are more than just trail races, they are special celebrations of nature, of the hard work we put into our training, of strength, and of family and community. Founded in 1998, 5 Peaks has since spread across Canada with over 12,000 racers per year. 

With trail running races across Canada, 5 Peaks delivers some of the best trail races this country has to offer. The series runs from May to September each year with each region hosting one race per month. Taking approximately 400 – 800 participants per race over some of the country’s most spectacular terrain, all competitors gain a new appreciation for the ease and beauty of enjoying their region’s backcountry. Don’t be intimidated. These runs are for everyone. We welcome all competitors, whether you’re gunning to become a backcountry running champion or simply want to take on a new physical challenge, 5 Peaks is for you.

MitoCanada is proudly one of 5Peaks national charity partners!