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Past Education Events

Managing Mito – Current Gaps in Care and Hope for Future Therapies

Our muscles need energy from our mitochondria to function. People who do not have enough healthy mitochondria often face unique physical challenges that can be debilitating and even life-threatening. Dr. Aneal Khan explains the current gaps in care and explores potential future therapies for those living with mitochondrial disorders.

Exercise as Medicine for Mitochondrial Health

Exercise is good for almost everyone, especially mito patients. It can improve strength, endurance and quality of life. Exercise as Medicine for Mitochondrial Health is created specifically for people living with mitochondrial disease. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky explains how different exercises benefit those with mito, how to manage exercise after setbacks and illness, and important exercise do’s and don’ts our community should keep in mind.

Understanding Clinical Trials from the Patient Perspective | Presentation Slides

Dr. Aneal Khan explains in simple terms what clinical trials are and why they are important. He outlines the benefits and risks of participating, suggests questions participants should ask in order to make an informed decision, dispels common myths, and answers questions.

Could it be LC-FAOD?

Dr. Shailly Jain helps patients and caregivers have an informed conversation with their healthcare team about LC-FAOD (long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorder). Whether you are living with LC-FAOD, have a child with the disorder, or suspect you may have it but are not yet diagnosed, Dr. Jain explains what LC-FAOD is, how a diagnosis is made, explore treatment options, and review strategies for maximizing quality of life.

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