MitoCanada Winter 2023 newsletter!

With the vibrant colours of Fall almost behind us, we hope you are enjoying cooler temps and getting ready for sparkling snowflakes and fluffy snow.
In this issue of MitoNews, we have an exciting line-up of new events and resources to share. There’s something for everyone: a new education seminar, research article and survey, a new education resource, and, of course, exciting MitoSpin 2024 updates!

MitoCanada World Mitochondrial Disease Week newsletter!

From September 18th-24th, the MitoCommunity came together to raise awareness, advocate, educate and fundraise for Canadians living with mito during World Mitochondrial Disease Week.
In this edition of MitoNews, we share two new Faces of Mito stories, along with the launch of our new Exploring Miito education guide. This edition also highlights a number of activities taking place during World Mitochondrial Disease Week. Join us in uniting the MitoCommunity and raising awareness together!

MitoCanada Summer 2023 newsletter!

Summer has arrived and with it comes the energy and excitement of road trips, day excursions, backyard basking and wholesome time with family and friends!
In this issue of MitoNews, we’re highlighting fundraising events, shining a spotlight on Alyson Maxwell’s Community Corner article on Managing Mito, and brightening the world with our Light Up for Mito initiative.

MitoCanada Spring 2023 newsletter!

As we spring into warmer weather, we welcome longer days and sunny skies, and a boost of energy too. Here at MitoCanada, we continue to work hard to support the MitoCommunity and create a world where all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria.
In this spring issue of MitoNews, we share Megan and Rich MacDonald’s Calgary Marathon fundraising challenge, we kick off our inaugural Community Corner featuring guest writer and mito advocate, Keith Meldrum, we share two new education resources and application details about our 2023 MitoScholars program!

MitoCanada February is MitoSpin Month!

Ready to crank it up? The fun begins Sunday, February 26, when hundreds of Canadians will join us virtually and be spinning in their home, at community centres and gyms, while others join us in person at the MNP Centre in Calgary. Learn more about some MitoSpin updates!

MitoCanada Meet Alyson – A Fierce Advocate for the MitoCommunity!

Ever since she can remember, Alyson Maxwell has experienced chronic pain and near-constant headaches. Growing up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Alyson knew she wasn’t quite like the other kids. Learn more about Alyson’s story!

MitoCanada December 2022 Newsletter

MitoCanada is taking full advantage of the colder winter days to continue Energizing Lives. In this issue of MitoNews, we thank our charity partners, celebrate CIBC Miracle Day™, launch MitoSpin 2023, and discuss different ways to support MitoCanada’s important work.

MitoCanada November 2022 Newsletter

As excitement for the holiday season builds, we continue to work hard to support the MitoCommunity and create a world where all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria. In this issue of MitoNews, we share an update on our 2022 MitoScholars, join MitoCanada’s Patient Contact Registry, register for CORD’s Rare Disease Conference, and consider a year-end donation of Gifts of Securities to support MitoCanada’s important work.

MitoCanada World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2022 Newsletter

From September 18th-24th, 2022 we are Energizing Lives and spreading awareness about mito during World Mitochondrial Disease Week. Learn more about our new Faces of Mito feature, Walk N’ Roll for Mito fundraising event, Light Up for Mito initiative, and our 2022 MitoScholars.

MitoCanada Summer 2022 Newsletter

New Faces. New Website. New Resources. We are taking full advantage of the long summer days to continue developing new programs and resources to support those living with mito. We have a fresh new website, multiple on-line seminars, new animations, a new Faces of Mito feature, and many new education guides.

MitoCanada MitoSpin 2022 Newsletter

MitoSpin 2022 was an incredible success and beyond inspiring, raising over $80,000 for supporting the MitoCommunity through our critical education, awareness and research programs.

MitoCanada Winter 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to December. New Faces. New Resources. New Opportunities. We’d like to introduce you to two Faces of Mito – the joyful Walter Bransonroach who is living with Leigh disease and Thomas Zachos who wrote Superheroes Like Me and MitoCanada animated. We also encourage you to explore our newest education guides on Primary Mitochondrial Myopathy and McArdle disease, our latest animations that explain mito disease, how it is diagnosed and how our incredible mitochondria make energy through OXPHOS.

MitoCanada Summer 2021 Newsletter

The trusted source of information for Canada’s MitoCommunity.