Celebrating Each Other at the Calgary Marathon

If you were celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, what would you do? Well, if you’re Megan and Rich MacDonald, you’d pull out the handcuffs and start running. Over-the-top romantic, right? Actually, it is.

On Sunday, May 28th, 2023 Megan and Rich ran an intimate race with thousands of others at the Calgary Marathon but, their experience was especially unique. The couple was handcuffed. As they ran the 42.2 km event in 3:18:38 they celebrated their relationship, brought awareness to mitochondrial health and disease, raised over $10,000 for MitoCanada, and smashed another Guinness World Record beating the previous Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon by a mixed couple handcuffed together by 25 minutes (fun fact Megan and Rich already have five GWRs between them, now six)!

“If Rich and I are going to run handcuffed together for 42.2 kms, we want to ensure we gain as much benefit for MitoCanada as we possibly can,” says Megan. The MacDonald’s have supported MitoCanada since its inception, over 10 years ago. Their dedication to the charity began when the life of their friend’s son, Evan, was changed forever because of the disease. 

Congratulations and thank you Megan and Rich for their continued support in Energizing Lives!