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MitoCanada believes that we are stronger together. We support education, awareness, research and each other. Celebrating the MitoCommunity includes sharing our strategies and strengths through our stories. We invite you to meet the Faces of Mito and encourage you to share your own story with us by reaching out to Info@MitoCanada.org

Aiden Procyshyn

Aiden is one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet. He is easy going and has the greatest smile. [...]

Zach Seymour

Zach Seymour is an expert at living with mitochondrial disease. He doesn’t have mito himself, but both his mother and brother [...]

Thomas Zachos

Thomas Zachos is a beautiful young spirit who believes that everybody has a special purpose in life and that [...]

Walter Bransonroach

Getting an early and accurate diagnosis can be the difference between a life fighting to survive and one filled [...]

Amelia and Cole

“I became a better Mom – and a better human -- when I stopped hiding and pretending my life [...]

Marsha Crossman

It only takes one meeting with Marsha to be captivated her infectious smile. Right off the bat, you can [...]

Christine Knox

Christine Knox is part of an exclusive club. She, and only two other people in the world, have a [...]

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