Christine Knox is part of an exclusive club. She, and only two other people in the world, have a type of mitochondrial disease caused by a rare mutation. For Christine, this means fatigue, issues with memory and concentration, migraines, hearing loss, chronic pain, dysautonomia, stroke-like episodes, atrial fibrillation, respiratory dyspnea, sleep apnea, gastrointestinal issues, tremors, and neuropathy in her legs.

Christine also has a kind heart and passionate determination to raise awareness and provide comfort to others living with mitochondrial disease. In 2013, while working through her own diagnostic odyssey, Christine bravely founded Mito Quilts of Hope. This beautiful charitable project aims to give a custom quilt to every Canadian living with mitochondrial disease.

“I want to bring comfort to mito patients,” says Christine. “I am always cold and know how difficult it can be to maintain your body temperature when you’re not well. Quilts are the perfect gift!”

Every MitoQuilt is as unique as the person who receives it and serves many important functions. It embraces the beneficiary with MitoEnergy and provides physical comfort. It reassures its recipient that they are not alone but are supported by a larger MitoCommunity. It is an opportunity to Draw attention to the person and piece that can open new conversations to share personal stories and increase MitoAwareness that may save lives.

Reaching such a large group is no small undertaking.  Christine has enlisted the help of the quilting community from quilting guilds to churches to individuals. So far, Mito Quilts of Hope have embraced 250 individuals. Many more people are living with mito with thousands more at risk of developing the disease. Christine asserts that “every stitch  counts”. She is constantly searching for new recruits to help her make more quilts to help more people.

The Mito Quilts of Hope website has patterns, instructions and information on making or receiving this incredible gift. Every quilt has a label that indicates who made the quilt as well as when and where it was made to connect these special people.

MitoCanada has committed to helping Christine reach her dream of enveloping as many people who are living with mitochondrial disease as possible with a comforting MitoQuilt.

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