MITO2021 Conference

Date: This event is closed. A recording of the days sessions will be posted shortly.
We were pleased to host the MITO2021 Conference, bringing the mitocommunity together to ask questions and learn about developments in the field of mitochondrial disease, research and medicine.

MitoCanada’s Community Insights Report

MitoCanada is proud to share its first Canadian Mitochondrial Community Insights Report.

In 2021, MitoCanada set forth to better understand and identify the needs and priorities of the mitochondrial community in Canada. After a year of community consultations, MitoCanada crafted a robust report, sharing community insights, our learnings, recommendations and a step-wise process to aid in the implementation of those recommendations. MitoCanada is deeply committed to improving the physical, social, psychological, and financial outlook of individuals and families affected by mitochondrial disease in Canada. Together, we are energizing lives.

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