The Zwift adventure is back for the 2023 MitoSpin. To make it better than ever, we’ve added the excitement and community that comes with Zwift for those who want to interact with others in a virtual world while supporting MitoCanada. We welcome those riders who want to work together to help create a world where all lives are powered by healthy mitochondria.

There are five 1-hour routes that begin at the top of each hour.  You can ride at your own pace or stick with the group – your choice. Join for one hour or all five – it’s your energy, your ride, your choice.

Instructions for joining one of the five 1-Hour MitoSpin Routes 

Times Listed are MT Route Leader Invite Link
8-9am France – Douce France

24.1km, 108m elevation

Jeff Mamer
9-10am Makuri Islands – Turf and Surf

24.6km, 195m elevation

Jeff Mamer
10-11am Watopia – Downtown Titans

24.6km, 254m elevation

Dave Mosher
11am-noon Makuri Islands – Neokyo All-Nighter

24.3km, 167m elevation

Dave Mosher
12-1pm Watopia – Volcano Flat

12.3km, 46m elevation

Dave Mosher

How to join the MitoSpin 1-hour Zwift Route options:

  • you must have a Smart bike or trainer and a Zwift account. Please go to for details on how to sign up (there are free trials available).
  • to join one of the rides, simply click on the link that is associated with that route at the appropriate time
  • clicking on the link will take you to the event page where you need to click the “+” sign and it will register you for the ride
  • if you don’t have the Zwift companion app, clicking on the link will take you to the Zwift log in page. Once logged in, you’ll be taken to the “events” page.  Once you reach that page, click on the “+” to sign up

A few points to keep in mind:

  • each ride is 1 hour
  • you can join the ride up to 30 minutes late. After that, Zwift will not allow you to join.
  • there is a leader for each ride but you can ride at your own pace if you prefer
  • each ride has been selected specifically for MitoSpin and are closed worlds. This means the only people you will see on the route are fellow MitoSpin participants. Feels free to wave at and encourage each other.
  • if you’d like to chat with your fellow Zwifters, you can join the Discord channel. You’ll need to download the Discord app (free), create a login and then click on this link:

Whatever route you choose, we’re thankful you chose to join us for MitoSpin. Enjoy your ride!