We have curated a list of national and regional support programs and foundations throughout Canada to help mitochondrial disease patients and caregivers source information and services.

Below you will find a resources listing for New Brunswick.

InnoviCares – The innoviCares card is a free prescription savings card available to all Canadian residents, and is funded by participating pharmaceutical manufacturers.

New Brunswick Drugs for Rare Diseases Plan – Provides assistance with the cost of certain drugs for specific rare diseases.

Prescription Drug Program – Provides drug coverage to eligible residents of New Brunswick.

Health Services Adaptive Equipment Loan Program – Loans specific mobility and adaptive equipment to eligible clients of the Department to support them in the performance of their activities of daily living and enable them to live and be cared for safely.

Health Services Medical Supplies/Services Program – Assists clients with coverage for specific medical supplies not covered through other Health Services Programs.

Health Services Therapeutic Nutrients Program – Assists clients of this department with coverage for feeding supplies and formulas which are not covered by NB Medicare or private health insurance plans.

Housing Assistance for Persons with Disabilities – Program helps by providing financial assistance for people with disabilities with housing needs.

Social Assistance Program – Provides people in financial need with assistance to meet their basic needs such as food, rent, utilities and clothing. The program may also help you with other needs such as child care, transportation, prescription drugs and more.

Family Support for Children with Disabilities – Voluntary program that provides social work support and financial resources to families to assist with the care and support required to meet the special developmental needs of their child with disability. Services are intended to strengthen families and support parents in caring for their children.

Please refer to the National Programs and National Foundations listings.

Disability Support Program – Provides personalized, flexible disability supports for persons with disabilities in the development of their personal disability support plans. It allows for the provision of independent facilitation and the use of person centered approaches to planning and designing disability supports.

Tele-Care 811 – A free bilingual and confidential provincial health line available to all New Brunswickers. By dialing 8-1-1 at any time of the day or night, you can access staff who will help you assess your situation and access services in your community.

Patient Connect NB – Connects patients without access to primary health care providers.

Family Income Security Appeals Board – The Social Development department makes hundreds of decisions every day. If you disagree with a decision made about your case, you can appeal.