Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is devastating. Being diagnosed with a rare disease like mito, can be overwhelming. Adjusting to life with mito can be confusing and frustrating. There is a lot for patients, their families, and caregivers to learn. MitoCanada is here to support you.

Arming yourself with practical information will give you the best chance of living life to the fullest. MitoCanada teamed up with the Mitochondrial Care Network (MCN) to develop a guide to help you understand what it means to be diagnosed with mito, where to find the support you are going to need in the early days and throughout life, how to maximize your health throughout your mito journey and, how to be a responsible patient who can responsibly advocate for the care you’ll want and need in the future, from an information position.

MCN is a collaboration between mitochondrial physicians in the Mitochondrial Medicine Society and multiple patient advocacy groups.  The network was created to help improve the quality of mitochondrial patient care and implement best practices and standards of care in mitochondrial medicine.

Energize your mito journey by exploring, Living with Mito!