CarePoint Health Ontario

CarePoint Health consists of a collaborative team of primary care physicians and health professionals dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of Mississauga and its neighbouring communities. They link primary care providers and patients to a variety of programs and resources, designed to meet individual needs regardless of financial ability.

Their holistic approach addresses patients’ medical, mental, and social needs to improve overall health, wellness, and care management. By connecting patients with trusted teams of healthcare professionals, CarePoint Health aims to enhance quality of life and help individuals achieve their personal health goals.

The organization’s goal is to provide excellent, coordinated care that incorporates modern care strategies and continues to focus passionately on patient-centred service.

CarePoint programs and services are by appointment only and not walk-in. They provide onsite in-person services as well as connecting patients with additional programs and services both in -person and virtually.

In some cases, a referral from a family doctor is needed to connect with CarePoint Health. But if you are an adult (18+) living in Ontario you are also able to self-refer to certain programs and there are educational programs and community clinics (cancer screening, flu shots etc) that are open to everyone.

CarePoint Health can help with: chronic disease management, foot care, health promotion, memory clinic, mental health and social supports, nutrition counseling, preventative care, physiotherapy, primary care pharmacist services, smoking cessation, vaccines etc.

To book an appointment online with an onsite physician, visit:

CarePoint Connects is a free publicly funded program (with OHIP or IFH card) to provide healthcare to adults and children in the Mississauga and surrounding community without a family doctor or nurse practitioner. CarePoint Connects helps those who haven’t had access to consistent healthcare, have difficulty finding a family doctor and/or are frustrated with ongoing health concerns. Among other things, onsite healthcare services include physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, memory clinic, chiropody, mental health support and pharmacist services. If you are interested in CarePoint connects, visit:

Another major program affiliated with CarePoint Health is the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program (OSP). They offer self-led resource guides provided by coaches or clinicians online and/or by phone. As well as individual or group cognitive-behavioural therapy (virtually or in-person). CarePoint Health and OSP can help if you feel any of these: feelings of anxiety, have obsessive thoughts or behaviours, stressed or worried, struggle with flashbacks and nightmares, feeling low and/or hopeless, struggle with traumatic memories, experience panic attacks, experience phobias, fear social situations. For more information on OSP, visit:

CarePoint Health is located at 2695 North Sheridan Way, Suite 120, Mississauga, ON, L5K 2N6. The location is wheelchair accessible and provides free parking. CarePoint can be contacted by phone at (905)362-3508.

For additional contact information, visit:

CarePoint Health has many affiliated patient services that can be found here:

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