The Access2 Program

The Access 2 card, is an Easter Seals program designed to enhance the accessibility and availability of entertainment, cultural, and recreational venues for Canadians. Currently, over 100,000 Canadian cardholders living with permanent disabilities benefit from this initiative, enabling easier access to more than 500 participating locations nationwide.

The Access 2 card makes it easier for individuals with a permanent disability to attend venues, communicate their needs, and have a support person join them. The program is committed to fostering inclusivity at these venues for individuals with disabilities and providing opportunities to explore a diverse range of unique sites across Canada.

  1. The Access 2 card is available to everyone, regardless of age or type of permanent disability, who needs the assistance of a support person at any of the participating venues.
  2. Applicants live with a permanent disability, which is defined as “any impairment relating to a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication, sensory, or functional limitation that restricts one’s ability to attend venues without additional assistance.” As well, the disability also remains with the applicant for the rest of their life.
  3. Applicants are individuals with a permanent disability who require the assistance of a support person. The support person must be 18 years or older and may or may not be related to the applicant. Unless required by the venue, the support person does not need to be a registered personal support worker (such as a PSW)

The Access 2 card costs $20 for a 3-year card or $30 for a 5-year card. It is valid at the participating venues and can be renewed after it expires.

When becoming a new member the process includes filling out an application with personal information, payment information as well as a signed authorization from a healthcare professional.

To apply for an Access 2 card, visit:

For additional application information and terms and conditions, visit and/or

The Access 2 card can connect cardholders with hundreds of entertainment, cultural and recreational venues across Canada, such as Cineplex movie theatres and provincial museums. For a full list of participating venues in your province, visit:

When Access 2 cardholders visit one of the participating venues, they first need to present their Access 2 card to an employee. Typically, the cardholder pays the regular admission price and receives one free or discounted admission (depending on the venue) for their support person.

For more on the Access 2 card, visit:

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