Welcome Zwifters! 

We’re hosting Zwift meetups for any MitoSpin riders interested in Zwifting while following along with our incredible mitoMOTIVATOR sessions on Feb 7th. 

New to Zwift?
  • You will need to set up a Zwift account
  • Cost is $18/month. 
  • Check the ‘zwift setup’ options to make sure you have the gear needed.
Please complete the following steps, and join us:
  1. Zwift rides will be private MITO rides
  2. FOLLOW Dave Mosher and Richard MacDonald.  To learn how to follow a rider, click here.
  3. Email Dave & Richard to let them know you’d like to join the meetups. They will invite you to ALL 5 so that you have the flexibility to ride at any point during the day.
  4. PLEASE NOTE that LATE arrivals to a meetup will only be allowed in if it is within 25 mins of the start time.  Otherwise, Zwift will not let you access.
  5. Have the meet up instructions handy to refer to on event day. We’ve laid everything out, step-by-step to ensure the day runs smoothly.

New to Zwift:
Should you have any questions along the way or during the event, please call Megan MacDonald at 403-831-0823, she’ll get you rolling! See you on the 7th 🚲

Check out the schedule below for where we will be riding: