TransRockies Race Series has named MitoCanada as the official charity of the TransRockies Race Series in 2022. A limited number of discounted entries will be available to cyclists and runners who use their participation to raise funds for MitoCanada!

TransRockies Race Series organizes distinctive outdoor endurance events throughout North America. Fully supported, fun and challenging races in spectacular destinations are the hallmark of TransRockies events. Find out what’s inside…

Thank you to TransRockies Race Series and our MitoCanada fundraising teams who raised $3940 in 2022 in support of MitoCanada!

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Event Entry Fees Discount Fundraising Commitment
Golden 24 (June 18-19) Team or Solo

$169-409 per person

50% – Up to 5 entries (people or teams) $500 per person minimum
Rundle’s Revenge (June 25-26) $34-199 50% – Up to 20 entries $500 per entry
Gran Fondo Highway Pass (July 9) $169-189 50% – Up to 20 entries $500 per entry
TransRockies Run (August 1-6) $1999USD 6-Day

$1149USD 3-Day

50% – Up to 5 entries $2,500USD per entry
TranSelkirks Run (August 14-18) $1,449 5-Day

$929 3-Day

50% – Up to 5 entries $2,500 per entry
TransRockies Gravel Royale (August 22-25) $79 2-Day

$1,399 3-Day

$1,599 4-Day

50% – Up to 5 entries $2,500 per entry
Singletrack 6 (September 6-11) $1699 6-Day

$879 3-Day

50% – Up to entries $2,500 per entry

If you would like to enter a TransRockies event as part of Team MitoCanada – please contact Catherine Mulvale at to set up your personal fundraising page and get your discounted entry code!