Energizing the Fight Against Mitochondrial Disease

Because mitochondrial disease can attack anyone at any time, we are all in a race to find answers and save lives. This is where TEAMmito comes in. TEAMmito is the grassroots program of MitoCanada initiated by the energy and visions of Kyle McLaughlin and Brendan McCracken using the TEAM concept of sport and movement as a platform for awareness and fundraising. Brendan had the early idea in developing MitoCanada branded gear at races and Kyle took that to a whole new level by developing and leading the TEAMmito movement. We are grateful for their contributions and the lasting success their efforts have enabled in raising awareness, funds and instilling hope for people affected by mitochondrial disease.

Our team is comprised of exceptional individuals from across the country who turn their sports passions into special events and athletic feats to benefit those living with mitochondrial disease.

Although TEAMmito has broken world records, that doesn’t mean you have to be an extreme athlete to join our team. We are all champions helping transform the outlook for people living with mitochondrial disease. Members of TEAMmito participate in all types of sports and at all skill levels. We welcome walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers and skiers to help us all win the race against this disease.

We need everyone to get in the game to help solve the mystery of mitochondrial disease. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned athlete, we invite you to participate in one of our events – or organize your own! If you want to help us cross that finish line, please join our team today

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