Researchers discover how mitochondrial transfer restores heart muscle

June 2024 –Transferring mitochondria from a patient’s healthy skeletal muscle to damaged ischemic heart tissue has been shown to restore heart muscle, increase energy production, and improve ventricular function. A study published in the journal Nature led by Juan Melero-Martin, Ph.D. found that transferred mitochondria trigger the cell to destroy its low-performing mitochondria, a kind of cellular housekeeping.

Star Trek star joins biotech explorers to explore the final frontiers of aging

June 2024 – World-renowned actor, futurist and astronaut William Shatner has joined the Oversight Committee of Biotech Explorers, a new subsidiary of Mitrix Bio. This ambitious initiative aims to significantly extend human lifespan, targeting a 130-year life expectancy through cutting-edge mitochondrial transplantation techniques. The project, while initially focused on astronauts, could result in profound implications for treating a variety of early-aging and degenerative diseases back down on Planet Earth.

Research reveals harmful effects of microplastics and nanoplastics on human health

June 2024 –The study, ‘Mitochondria as a Target of Micro- and Nanoplastic Toxicity’ by Dal Yöntem of Koç University and Müfide AydoÄŸan Ahbab of the University of Health Sciences Türkiye, underscores the critical need for further research into the effects of plastic pollution on human health. It calls for renewed efforts to reduce plastic use at individual and national levels.

Suffering in the Shadows

June 2024 – Parents of medically complex children say life is a never-ending fight for help, filled with tasks that go beyond parenting duties. It can leave families emotionally, physically and financially distraught. In this CBC News article, read more about family experiences, what the statistics say, how families are advocating and the concerns families have about the future.

Targeting Mitochondria for Ovarian Aging

June 2024 – Recent researches have identified mitochondria as pivotal players in the aging of ovaries, influencing various hallmarks and pathways governing this intricate process.

New Study Reveals Father’s Pre-Conception Diet Plays Crucial Role in Child’s Health

June 2024 – The study concentrated on specific small RNA molecules present in sperm, termed mitochondrial tRNA fragments (mt-tsRNAs). These RNAs are crucial in transmitting health traits across generations by controlling gene expression.

Functional near-infrared (fNIRS) spectroscopy could be a valuable tool to detect epilepsy in patients with mitochondrial disorders

June 2024 – Epilepsy is a common neurological manifestation in individuals with mitochondrial diseases. Unfortunately, approximately 75% of people with epilepsy in low-income countries do not get the treatment needed. This is why developing and discovering new ways to detect epilepsy are important. The combined application of functional near-infrared (fNIRS with EEG) and other imaging techniques offers a comprehensive approach that could significantly impact early diagnosis and treatment planning for neonatal epilepsy.

Depression, the Gut Microbiome, and Vitamins

May 2024 – Depression is a pervasive mental health disorder affecting millions worldwide, often characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest, and cognitive impairments. Emerging evidence suggests that depression is not just a disorder of the brain but a systemic condition involving multiple biological pathways. In individuals with depression, mitochondrial energy production is often impaired, leading to reduced ATP levels and increased oxidative stress. Understanding the intricate relationships between the gut microbiome, mitochondria, and vitamins opens up new avenues for treating depression.

How the Antioxidant Glutathione Keeps Mitochondrial Health

November 2023 – If a delivery person leaves a package on your front step without pinging you, you likely won’t know it’s there. A hungry cell awaiting refuel is in a similar position. It has to be alerted to the presence of nutrients outside of the cell wall by a sensing mechanism so that a transporter protein can bring the nourishment inside. Researchers at Rockefeller University have discovered a sensor (protein) that senses, regulates, and delivers the antioxidant glutathione into the mitochondrial interior, where it plays critical roles in tamping down oxidizing reactions and maintaining appropriate iron levels.

Researchers Find Weaker Immune Response to Viral Infections in Children with Mitochondrial Disorders

July 2023 – In a new study, National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers found that altered B cell function in children with mitochondrial disorders led to a weaker and less diverse antibody response to viral infections. The study, published in Frontiers in Immunology, was led by researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), who analyzed the gene activities of immune cells in children with mitochondrial disorders and found that B cells, which produce antibodies to fight viral infections, are less able to survive cellular stress.

Everything You Need to Know About Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy

June 2023 – In May 2023, the first UK baby to be born through a new type of IVF procedure, called mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) or mitochondrial donation therapy (MDT). This novel technique – which uses genetic material from three people – has been pioneered to help couples conceive a healthy child in instances where the woman carries harmful mutations in her mitochondrial DNA.