Tom Taylor
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Quote that inspires me:

“Trees that have grown in a sunny vale are fragile. It is therefore to the advantage of good men, and it enables them to live without fear, to be on terms of intimacy with danger and to bear with serenity a fortune that is ill only to him who bears it ill.” — Seneca


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A little bit about myself:

I’m a 50 year old husband and father of 3. I’m usually up for anything. I’ve been running seriously since around 2000 when I started adventure racing and they told me “if you want to bike and paddle you’re required to run”. So starting as a reluctant runner I’ve run a lot of miles since then including the Trans Rockies Ultra (192k) this past summer. I’ve never run an actual marathon, so this seemed like a good time to do it. The goal is not to go fast but to stay on the course and raise money for MitoCanada.

One of my greatest sources of motivation to get out and run are the incredible athletes associated with TEAMmito. Some of the best people and also fastest runners in Calgary are consistently participating in MitoCanada events, and it’s great to connect. Following these speedsters on Strava gets me out the door and motivates me to push the pace.

I’m running for MitoCanada because I’ve been inspired by Blaine Penny’s work in developing research and development capabilities and a data base systems to track rare genetic diseases, and work toward a cure for Mitochondrial disease. The research will benefit, not just those suffering with Mitochondrial dysfunction, but many others who have genetic diseases. It’s a great cause that really drives home how fortunate I am to be healthy and be able to “run for those who can’t.”