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Raising awareness and educating the public on mitochondria disease is critical to our success. You can help contribute to that success by sharing a few mitochondrial disease facts on your social media.

To help spread the word about MitoCanada and mitochondrial disease, below are a few posts that you can use. We have also created shareable mitoFACTS graphics that you can download and use to educate your audiences. These graphics are available in both Twitter and Facebook/Instagram ready formats. 


Did you know that mitochondrial disease can be caused by genetic mutations in either mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or
nuclear DNA (nDNA)? Learn more at #genetics #mitochondria 


MitoCanada provides individuals diagnosed with mitochondrial disease & caregivers the knowledge & support they need to improve quality of life, while raising public awareness of the disease & advancing Canadian research activities. #genetics


Did you know that The MitoCAnada Foundation is Canada’s only not-for-profit organization focused on mitochondrial disease? Learn more at #genetics #mitochondria