OLD-Our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

To transform the outlook for Canadians facing a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease/dysfunction by providing them, their families and caregivers with knowledge and supports, to improve their quality of life while also raising public awareness of the disease and advancing Canadian research activities.

A future where Canadians of all ages, who are directly and indirectly impacted by mitochondrial disease/dysfunction, feel inspired, empowered and supported to live their best lives.

Values Statement
We dedicate ourselves to pursuing our mission by practicing and promoting the following values which reflect a shared view of how we want to operate and be seen by others.

  • Respect, trust, honesty
  • Balanced, sustainable and ethical behavior
  • Mission-focused and committed to our cause
  • Collaborative, evaluative and effective
  • Openly communicative

Our Goals

  1. Increase public awareness of mitochondrial disease and dysfunction.
  2. Be Canada’s resource for information and support for individuals, families and caregivers; and the clinical communities that serve them.
  3. Advance research into the diagnosis; care, treatment and cure for mitochondrial disease.
  4. Create and perpetuate a high functioning, resilient, and sustainable organization.