MitoCanada’s very own TEAMmito has a strong history of breaking records that attract attention. This attention is critical, if we are to transform the future for those living with or at risk of developing mitochondrial disease, we need extreme efforts. And we’ve done just that. Check out our track record.

May 21, 2020 The pandemic has interrupted world record attempts—and spawned new ones Macleans article featuring Melissa Anne Paauwe and Reinier Paauwe about Guinness World Records being impacted by COVID. Mel and Ren were planning a Guinness World Record for a 3-legged half marathon attempt in support of MitoCanada at the Calgary Marathon, but have postponed the attempt to 2021. However, the show goes on! In lieu of the Calgary marathon being canceled, TEAMmito has come up with a new virtual Guinness World Record being attempted on May 31 for "The Most money raised whilst running a marathon distance".

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November 29, 2019Why Give the Gift Horse? In an article that highlights the benefits of corporate philanthropy, MitoCanada’s fall 2018 partnership with Tool Shed Brewing Company is featured. Read Now...
October 1, 2019Blaine Penny, CEO of MitoCanada shares the heartfelt story of his son’s diagnosis with mitochondrial disease which completely changed the trajectory of not only his life but of his family’s too. That change led to co-founding Mito Canada, a not-for-profit focused on raising awareness on mitochondrial disease. Listen Now...
September 16, 2019MitoCanada's TEAMmito is putting on the family-friendly fundraising event. Gisèle Hansen is encouraging community members to show their support for the first Winnipeg Walk-Run-Roll event on Sept. 22. Read Now...
August 20, 2019Saskatoon parents frustrated their son’s medication could cost $1,000 per month

Patrick and Leanne Wilson discuss the financial stress caused by the cost of medication for their son Tanner, who has Leigh’s Disease. The drugs prescribed for their son are currently not covered by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. Read Now...
July 30, 2019Let’s Meet for Beer Podcast: Blaine Penny on MitoCanada
MitoCanada CEO, Blaine Penny, discusses mitochondrial disease, MitoCanada, and the foundation's five year goals. Listen Now...
April 12, 2019BibRave Podcast: Team MitoCanada – Setting Guinness World
MitoCanada CEO, Blaine Penny, shares stories of what it’s like to run a Marathon connected to 112 other runners in an effort to raise awareness and funds for MitoCanada. Blaine also discusses the very personal experience of discovering his son Evan suffers from the disease and how it’s changed his life. Listen Now...
Dr. Albensi and guests talk about primary mitochondrial disorders, age related mitochondrial dysfunctions (Alzheimers), the advent of mitochondrial medicine and the lived experience of a woman with a grandchild with Leigh's disease. Listen here....
Almost 200 people participated in MitoCanada's spinathon, all in an effort to fight mitochondrial disease. In its 10th year, Calgarians brought their energy and love for cycling to the event and cause. Learn more....
Meet the incredible woman behind MitoCanada’s spin series in Penticton, Linda Pilon. Linda has organized this event in honour of her son Scott, who sadly passed away from mitochondrial disease at the tender age of 12 yrs. Watch Linda in this video as she shares how she’s spinning for a cure.
October 24, 2018CTV | Completing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in a Battery Costume
Calgary father keeps finding world record setting ways to bring attention to his son’s rare disease. His latest way is completing a marathon in a rare unconventional costume…. learn more
October 22, 2018Canadian Running Magazine | Thirteen Guinness Records Fall at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Penny was running to raise awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease. He and his wife, along with some other affected families, started MitoCanada nine years ago, not long after his son Evan, who is now 14, was diagnosed with the condition, which has left him a quadriplegic and non-verbal… read more
October 20, 2018CBC | Thousands set to run ‘bigger, better’ Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Penny, an accomplished runner with a 2:29 marathon PB, will try to be the fastest marathoner dressed as a battery while generating funds for the MitoCanada Foundation, which helps those who live with mitochondrial disease to enjoy the best possible quality of life until there is a cure… read more
October 20, 2018Canadian Running Magazine | Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Press Conference Interview with Blaine Penny
Blaine Penny with MitoCanada and TEAMmito will be running on Sunday, October 21st dressed in a battery costume to raise awareness for mitochondrial disease and attempting a Guinness Book World Record…. learn more
October 15, 2018Scotiabank | Why He’s Running in the 2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Blaine Penny is running on behalf of the MitoCanada Foundation, a charity which helps to support Canadians living with mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial disease (a.k.a. Mito) is a genetic disease, which affects the body’s ability to produce energy… read more
October 14, 2018iRUN Radio | Why a Calgary Runner is Planning to Race the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Dressed as a Battery
Learn more about the Calgary runner planning to race the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon dressed as a battery… read more