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We’ve done incredible things at MitoCanada, and we are taking it to the next level with patient support programs and mitochondrial research in health and disease. We welcome partners, donors, and individuals to be a part of this new frontier in health and disease research.

Our corporate partnerships contribute to our impact on many fronts:

  • Supporting patients, families and caregivers
  • Driving transformational research
  • Improving the lives of children and adults living with this disease
  • Building awareness

MitoCanada builds partnerships that can add value for your business, your people, your community, and your social cause, contributing to:

  1. Increasing sales of products or services
  2. Increasing employee engagement, morale and retention
  3. Increasing customer and brand loyalty
  4. Media attention and coverage 
  5. A motivating purpose for your company and employees
  6. Increasing shareholder return
  7. Employee skill development, team building, leadership
  8. Attracting new business partners and relationships
  9. Recognition for the good you create in society
  10. Receiving a tax donation for contributions

It is estimated only 10% of people affected with mitochondrial disease receive a diagnosis

Every 30 minutes, a child is born who will develop mitochondrial disease by age 10

One mitochondria, many diseases

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It is an important time to join the fight against mitochondrial disease. Help us save and improve millions of lives while supporting Canadians living with mitochondrial disease.

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    Thank You to Our Partners

    We are grateful to all of our Corporate Partners for their commitment to providing families, patients, and caregivers with support; raising awareness; and funding transformational research. Just because there isn’t a cure today, doesn’t mean there can’t be a cure tomorrow.